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Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect provides automatic failover when the primary Internet connection is lost

01 / Automatic

Automatic failover to wireless WAN for business Continuity. Wireless connection is always on in waiting for when it is needed. 

02 / Flexible

Connection can be made into existing router or firewall  that supports failover detection or our device can act as the edge router in your network.

03 / Easy

We manage and monitor the wireless connection for signal strength, usage data, and push configuration changes. Install and forget about it.

Peace of mind at an affordable price
Enterprise Connect

Hosted Business Solutions

Hosted VOIP System


Galileo hosted VOIP solution is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Whether that device is a desk phone, personal computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can access your service features from any of them.


Need to add phone? Opening a new office? With Galileo hosted VOIP, it’s fast, easy and very affordable. Scalability is one of the keystones of our system.  Galileo hosted VOIP is a great choice for every size organization that is concerned about scalability.

Business Continuity

Our hosted platform is geographically diverse to assure business continuity and disaster recovery. For example, our core call processing platform is built out in multiple datacenters that are diversified in regionally dispersed locations. 

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