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Primary Internet  is down

Internet is up

Phones are connected

Customers are placing orders

Point of Sale is working

Thank you Enterprise Connect

Wireless Internet


Our wireless primary broadband connectivity replaces slow and expensive and other unreliable hardwired services, providing a reliable wireless connection built to support your mission-critical applications.


We have relationships with all of the major 4G wireless network providers to make sure we are able to provide the best coverage available in the United States.

Backup Internet

Reliable network connectivity is such a fundamental requirement for business that most consider it on par with power and water.

Our backup connection gives you peace of mind because with Galileo Enterprise Connect your Internet is always connected.

Our solution can connect to existing router's or firewalls with failover enabled or we have solutions that provide the failover features.

Who needs:

Businesses with:

  • Locations with frequent primary internet failures

  • Retail Stores and Restaurants

  • VOIP Phone Systems

  • Mission Critical Applications (EMR, Credit card processing,  Hosted applications)

  • ATM, Kiosk, digital signage and in-vehicle solutions.

  • Remote monitoring of equipment. - IoT applications.


Instant Available

Installation of our solution can be achieved in days not weeks like traditional high speed bandwidth solutions.



Bandwidth on demand, connection bonding, load balance, VLAN, Wireless SDWAN networks. Custom configuration available.


  • Peplink 

  • Cradlepoint

  • Link Communications

  • Mofi Networks


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