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Any Device

Productivity Achieved

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device


Today's enterprise voice service needs have changed drastically. Long gone are the need for just that phone on your desk. In today's fast pace enviroment, user require to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, and on multiple devices.

Galileo hosted voice system allows users to access their extension or features from a deskphone, desktop workstation, tablet or smartphone. Get all of the same features you are used to on your desk phone on these other devices. (transfer, conference, place a call on hold)

Keep the calls coming even on a Cloudy Day!

Down time can be very expensive for a business. Whether the cause is weather, power,  or some other event that can stop calls from getting answered.

Galileo hosted voice infrastructure is hosted in two geographically diverse world class data centers with redundant power and connectivity to ensure the platform is always available.  If our primary data center has an outage the secondary takes over immediately keeping the processing of your communications.

Failover planning can be put in place so in the event your location has connectivity or power outages, your calls are either received, answered by an automated attendant or voicemail.

We can even work with you to design redundancy down to your locations so if you experience an Internet outage to your primary connection, you can keep calls coming in. Galileo enterprise connect service is also available to be utilized as a backup for our hosted voice services. 

Winning Ingredients
Nothing but the best

We have designed our offering to utilize the leaders in their respective space when it comes to delivering our customers the very best hosted voice solution.

Broadsoft - our platform is build around the Broadsoft unified communications softswitch technology. This infrastructure is extremely scalable and feature rich so whether you have 20 or 1,000 users or 1 location or 500 the plaftorm can scale to meet your needs.

Edgewater Networks - one of the very best when it comes network edge routing for hosted voip installations.  Their routers are used to ensure excellent voice quiality, call quality monitoring and failover in our deployments.

Polycom - Built for VOIP.  High quality, great features, awesome designs, and affordable cost.  From a rugged phone used for a production area to a highend Video enabled deskphone to a conference room speaker phone, Polycom has device that will fit the need. Including models with High definition sound and gigabit ethernet ports.

Microsoft- Hosted Enterprise Skype and Microsoft Exchange intgrated into our solution as a premium feature. Instant Messaging, presense, collaboration, and exchange email integrated with your phone

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